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How do I override the web context root?JBoss Developer. Bug 40768 – Problem with root context in Web application.

what is context path in web application

I have developed a dynamic web project in How to change context root of a dynamic web project This path represents context path of your web application. Accessing the Web Context. The context in which web components execute is an object that implements the ServletContext interface. You retrieve the web context using

getContextPath String getContextPath() Returns the context path of the web application. The context path is the portion of the request URI that is … A web application's context path is the directory that contains the web application's WEB-INF directory. It can be thought of as the 'home' of the web app.

Configuring Contexts. Table of The context path is the prefix of a URL path that How you set the context path depends on how you deploy the web application 0 How to set up tomcat context path for web application? .war file name is coming infront of the application name in the url.

4/02/2014В В· It's a Java web application running on a Tomcat 7 servlet container. what is context path in web application

– The context root of a web application determines which URLs Tomcat will delegate to your web application. If your application's context root is myapp then any. The runtime deployment descriptor is an XML file that contains information such as the context root of the web application and Type the full path to the WAR.

what is context path in web application